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SICHN Jobs opportunity 2023 online apply

What are sichn jobs opportunity 2023 ?

Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology was established in Sindh to provide healthcare facilities to newborns and young children. SICHN is also referred to as Sichuan province of China on the internet but, here we are talking about the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology Government department. 

These are healthcare units specially designed for center care of newborn babies. In this Government, institute research is carried out on child health with the use of modern cutting-edge resources further this institute involves family members to achieve the best possible outcomes for the children's health.

SICHN Jobs opportunity 2023 online apply

Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology established under the Government of Sindh

In recent years, Sichuan has become an economic powerhouse in Sindh, with many new job opportunities emerging. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide to the online applications for Sichuan jobs opportunity in 2023.

Table of Contents
In total there are eleven jobs posted under the advertisements in  Sindh Institute Of Child Health Neonatology Sichn. You can apply to these jobs applications till today 04 April 2023All of these jobs have been compiled from newspaper extracts , and magazines and posted by government employees.

There are many vacancies for candidates who hold Sindh Domiciles, KPK Domiciles, Punjab Domiciles, and also Balochistan Domiciles.

City Preferences: Lahore,Karachi,Rawalpindi,Multan,Faislabad,Hyderabad,Quetta,Gujranwala,Gujrat

Qualifications required for each type of job

The candidate who is applying for the job should hold at least a master's degree as a qualification of academic study. To apply for sichn job opportunity, you should have adequate grades in your matriculation or levels (equivalent) plus good grades in A-levels or Inter Fsc. Having these all together will help you gain some added benefits in the future.

Qualification required: Master's degree or Equivalent 
(Must read the above paragraph before applying)

Application Process Date

Everyone is curious to know about the last date to apply for sichn jobs 2023. This job post requires a highly talented and self-motivated individual with good organizational skills to prove himself in the government organization. High Preference is to be given to all National Citizens of Pakistan and Hold Pakistani CNIC.

This is a Complete Guide on Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology Jobs advertisement 2023.This will cover A-Z everything you need to know about the Sichn jobs from eligibility criteria to hiring.

Sichn jobs opportunity 2023 Online Apply has the last application date : 15th March 2023

Who is eligible to apply for sichn jobs opportunity 2023 ?

  • Candidates who have their verified CNIC
  • Candidates who hold Masters or equivalent degree.
  • Gender : Male/Female (both) can apply.
  • Ensure the last date is met.
(No applications will be processed once the date is overdue)

Which documents do you need to apply for Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology Jobs?

All Pakistani students or candidates who are willing to apply for the job must hold these documents.

  1. A copy of the National Identity Card (CNIC COPY)
  2. A copy of the Domicile and the candidate must bring the Original along with him.
  3. Candidates must have Passport Size photographs(Must be recent)
  4. Compilation of your educational certificates.(Social Welfare certificates)Preferred.
  5. Attested Copies of the supporting documents.

How To Apply For sichn jobs opportunity 2023 Advertisement

  • Applicants who are applying must secure their documents for future use.
  • Personal Information provided must be accurate and should be checked twice(minimum).0
  • All required documents must be attached properly, within the guidelines (as per mentioned)
  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on the info they provide and only shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.
  • Avoid TA/DA admissible.
  • Government officials or Government members should apply through appropriate channels only.
  • As stated above, Applicants must have their original documents at the time of the interview.
  • Ensure the last date of application is met. Overdue of date may cause application rejection.
Note: Submitting missing information may result in the application being rejected at once.

Guideline Review on Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology Jobs 2023

  • Digital Forms are provided on the link, make sure you fill the form online.
  • If qualifications are met then applicants must apply on the official website
  • Opportunity of Female staff-Hiring female candidates(preference given).
  • Below advertisement is provided make sure you have read all the details of the application.
  • Government officials are requested to strictly follow the guidelines of the interviews.
  • No objection certificates should be bought to interviews.


1. What are the most popular industries for job opportunities in Sichn?

As an institute dedicated to child health and neonatology, the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology (SICHN) would primarily have job opportunities in healthcare-related fields. Some of the most popular industries for job opportunities at SICHN are:

Healthcare industry: SICHN offers a wide range of medical services, including neonatal intensive care, pediatric surgery, and child psychiatry. Therefore, there are many job opportunities for medical professionals such as pediatricians, neonatologists, surgeons, psychiatrists, nurses, and other healthcare staff.

Research industry: As a leading institute in child health and neonatology, SICHN also conducts research studies and clinical trials. Thus, there are opportunities for research staff, data analysts, and project managers to work in the research and development sector.

Education industry: SICHN offers a variety of training programs, courses, and workshops to enhance medical knowledge and skills. Therefore, there may be opportunities for educators and trainers to join the institute and contribute to its education and training programs.

Administration industry: SICHN is a large organization that requires an efficient administrative system to manage its operations. Therefore, there may be job opportunities for administrative staff, such as human resources personnel, accountants, and other support staff.

2. Can I apply for a Sichn job opportunity if I do not speak Chinese?

Yes, you can apply for job opportunities at the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology in Pakistan without knowing Chinese. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, and while English is widely spoken and used in professional settings, knowledge of Chinese is not required for working at this institute.

However, you will need to meet the other job requirements and qualifications as stated in the job posting or application. It's always a good idea to carefully review the job requirements and research the organization before applying to ensure that you have the necessary skills and experience for the role.

3. Is it necessary to have a work permit to work in Sichn?

Yes, it is necessary to have a work permit to work in the Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology (SICHN) if you are a foreign national who is not a citizen of Pakistan. All foreign nationals who wish to work in Pakistan must obtain a work permit from the Pakistani government. 

4. How long does it take to process a work permit for Sichn?

The process for obtaining a work permit in Pakistan involves several steps, including obtaining a letter of employment from the employer, applying for a work visa at the Pakistani embassy or consulate in your home country, and registering with the Pakistani authorities upon arrival in Pakistan.

It is important to note that the process of obtaining a work permit and visa can be complex and time-consuming, so it is advisable to begin the process as early as possible. It is also recommended to seek the guidance of a qualified immigration lawyer or consultant to help navigate the process.

5. What are the salary packages in Sichn?

The salary packages in Sindh Institute of Child Health and Neonatology (SICHN) can vary depending on the job position, experience, qualifications, and other factors. However, it is worth noting that salaries in the healthcare industry in Pakistan are generally lower than those in developed countries.

According to Payscale, the average salary for a pediatrician in Pakistan is around PKR 2.2 million per year, which is approximately USD 13,000. The average salary for a registered nurse in Pakistan is around PKR 480,000 per year, which is approximately USD 2,900.

It is important to keep in mind that these figures are only estimates, and actual salary packages in SICHN may vary. Additionally, salaries may also be influenced by factors such as employee benefits, bonuses, and other perks.

SICHN Jobs opportunity 2023 online apply

If you are interested in a specific job position at SICHN, it may be helpful to research and compare the salary packages offered by similar organizations in the healthcare industry in Pakistan to get an idea of the expected range of salaries.
The job advertisements posted here are the property of their respective newspapers and recruiters and are shared for public knowledge to ensure equal opportunity for all, regardless of their financial status. Please exercise caution and stay vigilant against fraudulent job offers. Do not pay any individual for job placement and report any such incidents to us via the "Contact Us" section.

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