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Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager

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Furthermore, we will try our best to help each Pakistani national to notify instantly about the newly posted Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager in Pakistan 2023.

Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager
Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager

In this article we will be covering some information about PMDC general manager salary, What are the main minerals of Pakistan, Why to choose Pakistan Mineral Development Corp as an opportunity career, and also How to apply for PMDC Jobs 2023.

Eligibility criteria should be met before the application form is downloaded.

Pakistan mineral development corp jobs general manager salary

The first thing that motivates an individual towards the job is the "salary". You heard it right. Everyone needs to financially support their families and keeping in view the ongoing national price hike in Pakistan, individuals need a reason to find a financially dependable source of income. 

I guess thats enough for the intro side.

The net income per month an average general manger in PMDC earns upto Rs 13,3500 Pkr approximately.

Job is an onsite opportunity and if you reside in Islamabad, you are lucky to avail this oppurtunity by applying from home.

Cities Islamabad
Salary Rs. 133500

Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation jobs May 2023

PMDC Jobs 2023 is an institution that keeps records of all medical practitioners in Pakistan.
Join PMDC to enroll yourself as a GENERAL MANAGER of Pakistan Mineral Development Corp

Best Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Career Opportunity

The last date to apply for PMDC is around the corner.PMDC serves as an institution where consumers and practitioners of petroleum and natural-resource engineers are registered. Furthermore, the organization This organization & company operates salt mines , silica , sand quarry and also coal mines.

This organization promotes economic activities inside Pakistan.The company mines , markets and sells the minerals of Pakistan.

What are the main minerals of Pakistan?

Iron ore-found in Kalabagh, Haripur, and other Northern Areas.
The benefit: Used to fuel the iron and steel industries of Pakistan.
best Iron ore in pakistan
best Iron ore in pakistan 

Coal is found in World's largest underdeveloped areas-Thar Desert
The benefit: Cement production, Gas production, Fuel for power plants, Aluminium products.
best coal in pakistan
best coal in pakistan 

Chromite is found in Khanozai & Muslim Baghin Zhob valley, Balochistan
The benefit:  Paint industry, nichrome, refractory lining, stainless steel.
Best chromite in Pakistan
best chromite in Pakistan 

Limestone found in the Potwar plateau Khewra, D.G Khan Dandot, Rawalpindi, Dandkhel.
The benefit: The cement industry.
Best limestone in Pakistan

Gypsum found in Dera Ghazi Khan District
The benefit:  Used to reclaim saline-sodic soils or sodic soils.
Best Gypsum in Pakistan
Best Gypsum in Pakistan

Dolomite found in Wagh and Nila Wahn in the Districts of Chakwal & Khushab
The benefitUsed to enhance soil quality in agriculture.
Best Dolomite in Pakistan
Best Dolomite in Pakistan

Quartz found in Bajaur and South Waziristan
The benefitUsed as abrasives and also in the production of glass, silicon semiconductors, jewelry, and watches.
Best Quartz in Pakistan
Best Quartz in Pakistan

Pyrite is found in the Gilgit district, Northern area, of Pakistan.
The benefit: Used with sulfur in the production of sulfuric acid.
Best Pyrite in Pakistan
Best Pyrite in Pakistan

Chalk found in  Rawalpindi, Chakwal, Khushab, Mianwali, D.G. Khan
The benefitUsed in the production of cement.
Best Chalk in Pakistan
Best Chalk in Pakistan

Fire clay is found in Punjab Areas Katha Saghral (District Khushab) and Kala Chitta Range,Dlawal, Minhala, and Wahali in Chakwal District, Khewra.
The benefitUsed in the production of refractory materials.
Best Minhala in Pakistan
Best Minhala in Pakistan

Calcite is found in  Kala Chitta Range in Attock District.
The benefit: Used as a soil conditioner, used as a filler in the production of paper, plastics, paints, and coatings.
Best Calcite in Pakistan
Best Calcite in Pakistan 

Topaz is found in Nagar Valley. Bulachi, Shengus, Stak Nala, and Tormiq Nala.
The benefit: Used as a gemstone in jewelry.
Best Topaz in Pakistan
Best Topaz in Pakistan 

Celestine found in Sulaiman Basin.
The benefit: Used to provide strontium for making glass, ceramics, fireworks, and as a coloring substance in paints and pigments.
Best Celestine in Pakistan
Best Celestine in Pakistan 

Aquamarine is found in Skardu, Pakistan.
The benefitUsed as a gemstone in jewelry.
Best Aquarmine in Pakistan
Best Aquarmine in Pakistan 

Tourmaline found in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Shigar.
The benefit: Used as a gemstone in jewelry and in electrical components & devices.
Best Tourmaline in Pakistan
Best Tourmaline in Pakistan 

Peridot is found in Naran, Kaghan Valley, Mansehra District.
The benefit: Used as a gemstone in jewelry.
Best Peridot in Pakistan
Best Peridot in Pakistan

Sphene is found in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP).
The benefit: Used as a gemstone in jewelry.
Best Sphene in Pakistan
Best Sphene in Pakistan

Emerald is found in Swat Valley.
The benefit: Used as a precious gemstone in jewelry.
Best Emerald in Pakistan
Best Emerald in Pakistan

Copper is found in Baluchistan.
The benefitUsed in electrical wiring and making conductors.

Best Copper in Pakistan
Best Copper in Pakistan

Gold is found in Indus and Gilgit Rivers.
The benefitUsed in jewelry. 
Best Gold in Pakistan
Best Gold in Pakistan

Bauxite is found in the Villages of Jalalpur Sharif and Dina Villages.
The benefitUsed as the primary source of aluminum.In the making of transportation vehicles such as trucks, cars, and lorries.
Best Bauxite in Pakistan
Best Bauxite in Pakistan

Kaolin is found in northern Pakistan.
The benefit: Used for the production of ceramics, porcelain, paper, paint, rubber
Best Kaolin in Pakistan
Best Kaolin in Pakistan
Silicon dioxide found in Sindh, Pakistan.
The benefit: Used as abrasives and Used in the production of glass, semiconductors, and ceramics.
Best Silicon Di oxide in Pakistan
Best Silicon Di oxide in Pakistan

Bentonite is found in NWFP, Punjab, Sindh and Azad Kashmir.
The benefit: Used as a binding agent in foundry molds (cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals)
Best bentonite in Pakistan
Best bentonite in Pakistan

Latest 2023 Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Vacancies

The last day to apply to this General Manager posting at PMDC Jobs 2023 is mentioned in the table below. Reason to apply :

Responsible for overseeing and managing various aspects of the company's operations. 

Roles of a General Manager in PMDC Jobs 2023 

Strategic Planning: As a General Manager, it is imperative to employ proven strategies and expertise to suggest and develop long-term plans encompassing clear execution timeframes and well-defined limitations. 

Your key responsibility lies in ensuring the effective and sustainable growth of the utilization of mineral resources.

Operations Management: Overseeing day-to-day operations of the corporation, including mining activities, exploration projects, processing plants, and other related activities.

As a General Manager, a critical aspect of your role involves the comprehensive oversight of the corporation's day-to-day operations. This entails supervising various key activities related to mining operations, exploration projects, processing plants, and other pertinent facets.

In relation to mining activities, you will be responsible for ensuring smooth and efficient operations. This includes overseeing the extraction, transportation, and storage of minerals in compliance with industry standards and regulations. 

You will need to develop and implement operational strategies to optimize productivity, minimize operational costs, and enhance overall efficiency.

Furthermore, your responsibilities encompass the management of exploration projects. This involves coordinating and directing efforts to identify and assess potential mineral deposits. 

You will work closely with geologists, surveyors, and exploration teams to plan and execute exploration activities, including geological surveys, sampling, and data analysis. 

Your role is to ensure that exploration projects are conducted effectively to uncover viable mineral resources and contribute to the organization's growth.

Another crucial aspect of operations management is overseeing processing plants. This entails monitoring the processing and refining of extracted minerals to transform them into marketable products. 

You will be responsible for establishing and implementing quality control measures, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, and optimizing production processes to achieve maximum output while maintaining product integrity.

In addition to mining, exploration, and processing, you will also be involved in managing other related activities. 

This may include overseeing logistical operations, such as transportation and supply chain management, to ensure the timely and efficient delivery of minerals and resources. 

You may also be responsible for managing maintenance and repair activities to ensure the continuous operation of equipment and machinery.

Overall, as the General Manager, your role in operations management is pivotal. You are entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the smooth functioning of the corporation's day-to-day activities across various operational aspects, ultimately contributing to the organization's success and sustainable growth in the mineral development sector.

Financial Management: Managing budgets, financial planning, and cost control measures to optimize resource allocation and ensure financial sustainability.

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and environmental standards governing the mineral development industry.

Stakeholder Relations: Building and maintaining positive relationships with government agencies, local communities, investors, and other stakeholders to promote cooperation, resolve conflicts, and address any concerns or issues.

Team Management: Leading and managing a diverse team of professionals, including engineers, geologists, technicians, and administrative staff, to achieve operational and organizational objectives.

Project Management: Overseeing the planning, execution, and monitoring of mining and exploration projects to ensure timely completion, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to quality standards.

Health and Safety: Ensuring compliance with occupational health and safety regulations, implementing safety measures, and promoting a culture of safety among the workforce.

Market Research and Business Development: Conducting market research, identifying new business opportunities, and developing strategies to expand the organization's mineral exploration and mining activities.

Reporting and Documentation: Preparing and presenting reports on operational performance, financials, compliance, and other relevant areas to the senior management and board of directors.

Pakistan Mineral Development corporation Address

You can meet the time by taking an appointment with the officials sitting there or you can also call them before scheduling an appointment. They are physically located at : 
Address : Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Head Office Plot # 13 Sector H-09 Islamabad Pakistan Federal, PK 

Join PMDC Best Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation career opportunity

Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager advertisement
PMDC General Manager Job Advertisment

How to Apply in latest 2023 Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation vacancies

Eligibility criteria for Pakistan mineral development corporation Islamabad

  • Read the job details in the image carefully.
  • Apply only if your credentials match the job requirements.
  • Candidates matching the job requirements will be considered.
  • Only shortlisted candidates will be called for Test/Interview.
  • Irrelevant/Incomplete applications will not be entertained.
  • Apply before the last date.
  • Applications received after the last date will not be considered.
  • For More Details, view the image.

Pakistan mineral development corporation address

pakistan mineral development corporation address
Pakistan mineral development corporation address

Address: Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Head Office Plot # 13 Sector H-09 Islamabad Pakistan Federal, PK 

Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager

Title Description
Job Location Islamabad, Pakistan
Vacancy Sector Govt.
Posted On April,16th 2023
Last Update May 18th 2023
No of Vacancies 1
Organization: Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation(PMDC)
Gender Male and Female from Pakistan
Qualification Required Masters(Minimum)
Designations General Manager For Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation Islamabad Jobs
Application Process Online
Newspaper JANG
Due date

Pakistan Mineral Development Corp Jobs General Manager


In which year Pakistan mineral development corporation was established?

Established in 1974 with an authorized capital of Rs. 1,000 million, our goal is to foster mineral development in the country through expansion and support activities.

Where is the head office of PMDC salt?

The headquarters of PMDC is located in Islamabad. The official address of the head office PMDC is mentioned at the bottom of  the article. Make sure you have read the article to the end as it contain more relevant information about PMDC general manager jobs.

Who is the managing director of PMDC?

In Punjab Mineral Development Corporation,during the Academic Excellence Award Ceremony of Peshawar Model Degree Colleges, a group photo was taken featuring Managing Director of PMDC, Sabur Sethi, Chairman of Peshawar Board, Nasrullah Khan Yousafzai, and Director of PMDC, Muhammad Sohail, alongside the position holder students.

Who is the owner of Khewra salt mine?

As the custodian of this magnificent treasure, the esteemed owner is none other than the illustrious Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation (PMDC). 

The Khewra Salt Mine, an iconic marvel nestled in the heart of Pakistan, stands as a testament to the nation's rich geological heritage. With its origins dating back to 1872, this ancient mine has been actively operating for an impressive 150 years. 

Through their unwavering dedication and meticulous management, PMDC has ensured the preservation and prosperity of this extraordinary natural wonder, captivating visitors from far and wide with its awe-inspiring beauty and unparalleled historical significance. 

The Khewra Salt Mine remains a shining gem in the crown of Pakistan's mineral wealth, a testament to the nation's unwavering commitment to the preservation and promotion of its remarkable natural resources.

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